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You run your own business or website and you want to be more successful

But you know that getting visitors to your website and converting them into customers is not easy......

Do you struggle to get visitors to your website?

Do you not convert your website visitors into customers?

Is your website getting lost among the competition on Google?

Are you not generating enough turnover?

Could you do with some help to get visitors to your website?

We can help you

We run a business, just like you. We understand your problems and we know how to fix them.

We have over 15 years experience in helping websites improve rankings

We will increase targeted visitors to your website

We will help increase conversions and increase turnover


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We are a professional SEO company

Here at SEO King we treat each customer as an individual, fully getting to know your aspirations for your website, your goals, any time frame and your budget.

Only when we understand this will we look to put together the best SEO strategy to achieve your requirements.

Our search engine optimisation strategy won't be some generic strategy applied to all our client websites, we're a professional SEO company and we pride ourselves on being SEO experts.

The strategy we create for your website will be tailored to firstly address your current issues and then increase your internet presence and visibility within the search engines.

What SEO services do you provide?

We understand that your website and business are unique and we provide our professional SEO services tailored to your business and your requirements.

Whilst there are a vast range of SEO services available we will utilise the correct ones to obtain maximum benefit to your website in a shorter time as possible.

The is no point spending your money and time increasing your website speed so that it scores 100 instead of 80 with Googles website speed test if your website content is poor.

The money and time would be much better spent improving the quality of your content and then attracting natural backlinks to the improved content.

We are here to help you improve your visibility within the search engine results pages on Google and other search engines to acquire more qualified and better quality traffic from searches.

We won't waste your money and striving for perfection in every little detail!


On page SEO is how your website looks in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The website structure, speed and usability are like the foundations of your house, the headings, titles, and tags are the bricks and the content is, well, the contents of your house.

Just like building a house we focus on working from the ground up ensuring your website has a solid technical SEO base to work from, that the correct keywords and phrases are identified and pages optimised for these for both users and search engines.

Finally we ensure that you have engaging and relevant content to take your website visitors through the sales journey to becoming a customer.


The off page SEO strategy for your website will very much depend on the goals of your SEO campaign. The overarching strategy though is to build authority for your domain in the eyes of potential customers and the search engines.

We will work on items such as acquiring relevant and authoritative back links through a carefully managed link building campaign, NAP citations and customer reviews.


Local SEO is focused on ensuring your website is visible to people who are searching in your local area (for example, electricians in Chester, or more generally such as computer repair near me).

Local SEO makes it easy for nearby people to find what you offer – even if they don't know exactly what you do.

You will notice that for these types of searches Google often displays a map showing the location of local businesses (aka the map pack). The benefits of local SEO for brick and mortar businesses are huge!

Our local SEO services will focus on getting your site appearing in both the map pack and the organic listings.


Our expert international SEO services will help optimise your website for your international customers. We ensure that your business becomes visible to the audience of your target countries, like Australia, Europe, the UK, the USA, and other country of your choice.

There are many more factors to consider with international SEO compared to SEO for a single country. These include language, url structure and complex linking as well as establishing the predominant search engine used by your target country or countries.

Our international SEO service will help your business expand into your target markets with a custom SEO strategy based around the countries in question.


Our ecommerce SEO services focus on four main aspects.

Products, ensuring unique product descriptions and images are used and that structured data is in place to help search engines understand the product.

Product categories, these are some of the most important pages for an online ecommerce store, unique, engaging and relevant content is a prerequisite for any successful ecommerce site.

Brand trust, if you want people to buy from you online they need to know they can trust you. Along with customer reviews, industry knowledge and expertise goes a long way. We will help you develop both of these and place you as a leader to be trusted in your niche.

And lastly but not least, user experience. A seamless and quick user experience will result in the visitors we attract to your website completing the check out process and becoming customers.

Failing to consider user experience is something we see time and again online and we will not let you fall into this trap.


Google search is a mobile first search engine. This means if your website is not optimised for mobile you will not rank highly in the results pages no matter how well optimised your site maybe for desktop PCs.

Given that as of August 2021 57% of global internet usage is on a mobile device failing to optimise for mobile is like trying to tie a shoelace one handed.

Whether your website is a large e-commerce site, a simple portfolio site, or anything in between, we will help you attract more organic traffic through mobile SEO optimisation as standard.


WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) in use on the internet today and is used on nearly 40% of all websites (including this one) and over 60% of all websites using a CMS.

As you would expect given that we use WordPress for our own website, we consider ourselves somewhat of an expert in WordPress SEO, we understand the system, the best plugins and how to bring them all together.

If you use another CMS other than WordPress that's OK, we can still help you and apply our SEO agency knowledge to improve your rankings.

Benefits of using SEO King for your websites search engine optimisation

SEO takes time and money, we tell all our clients that it is a long game. Pay per click (PPC) takes money but will deliver instantly.

But, and this is the really important bit, as soon as you stop paying for PPC your visitors stop.

With SEO your visitors will grow over time and should you decide to stop undertaking SEO they will not disappear immediately, in fact it may take years depending on the competitiveness of your niche.

Increased website visitors

Increasing targeted website visitors is what we're all about at SEO King! No matter what your SEO budget we will make this happen for you with our affordable SEO service and over time you will see substantial growth.

We do this by careful keyword research and only targeting keywords that are realistic for your website to rank for and that will bring you the correct type of visitors.

Your budget will determine how many keywords we can focus on at anyone time and once we have secured your rankings for a keyword we will move on to focus on another keyword.

Over time this leads to a compounding effect with your visitor numbers growing with each additional keyword.

Higher Conversion Rates

Visitors are useless unless they will convert into leads or customers. That's why we are aware of the stage in which your visitors are at in the buying cycle dependant upon the keyword targeted for the page, and we tailor the website content to suit, guiding them through the journey.

By only selecting keywords on your customer buying journey we maximise the potential for visitor conversions and don't waste money on vanity keywords.

Whilst web design is not amongst our services we will make or recommend that you make certain adjustments to your site where we believe these will increase your conversion rate.

Increased business turnover

Given time our search engine optimisation strategy will deliver increased turnover through the growth in the volume of relevant keywords that you rank for within the organic search results on Google and other search engines.

Realistically you can expect to see results from around month four onwards and the potential increases, and the return on your businesses SEO investment, will be discussed with you during our agency on boarding process.

Monthly reporting

As a company or website owner we understand that you're busy and that you don't want to waste time reading through waffle each month to understand what your digital marketing agency has done.

That's why we have clear and concise monthly reports for all our clients and a one page executive summary that, if you don't want to know the detail, will provide you with all the important information at a glance.

Agreed KPIs

As each company is unique our SEO KPIs can vary between client to client. The key is that these are metrics that we have together are important to your business and measurable.

Each month we will provide an analysis of KPI performance versus, baseline, last month and last year.

Monthly SEO audit

As well as undertaking an SEO audit at the start of the SEO process we continue to undertake an SEO audit each month, reporting any issues found and steps we have or will take to address these.

SEO audits are vital to understanding the on page SEO status of your website and whilst they can be quite technical we will always provide an overview that is simple and easy to understand at a glance.

Keyword rankings

Every client wants to know how they rank for the targeted keywords and we make it clear in our reporting how your website is performing in respect of these.

In addition we clearly display how many keywords your website ranks for within the top 100 on your chosen search engine breaking this down into if your website is:

  • in the top three positions
  • on the first page but outside the top three
  • on the second page
  • in positions 21 - 100

and, again, how this compares to baseline, last month and last year.

Further to this we will record any other ranking highlights such as featured snippets or map pack successes.

Google Analytics

Hopefully your website will have Google Analytics and Search Console already set up. If not this is the first thing we will do.

We will use Google Analytics to evidence the number of visitors coming to your website and from where and what digital marketing campaign.

This is especially important if you are utilising more than one marketing strategy so that you can attribute website traffic to the marketing channel.

We will capture visitor interaction allowing us to tweak content, intention and target keywords where required and understand if visitors have completed any of the agreed goals such as purchased, signed up or made a phone call.

Professional SEO services FAQ

We understand that you will probably still have questions about our professional SEO services, we've listed our most common questions below. If we've not covered your question about our services then please do get in touch.

How much does SEO cost?

Whilst we cannot give an exact price as every client is different and the answer will depend on a variety of different factors not least, number of keywords, difficulty and how quick results are desired, we can provide an indication that our services start at £600 per month.

How long does SEO take to start working?

You will not see instant results with SEO and content marketing like you will with PPC. On average we would expect to start seeing some meaningful results around months four to six.

Is paying for SEO worth it?

You should view search engine optimisation as a marketing cost. Like any other marketing cost, as a business owner, you want to see a positive return on your investment. You want to see it generate more income that it is costing you in costs.

If you choose the right team to undertake your SEO and target the correct keywords then you should see this positive return on your investment.

Remember, your competition is probably paying for SEO, if you're not you risk being left behind.

Do I really need help with SEO?

Does your website score over 60 on the Google Website Speed test? Do you rank in the top 3 for your desired keywords? Do you convert at least 2% of visitors into leads or customers?

If you answer no or don't know to any of these questions then yes, you need help with SEO. Or you at least need to get your team to undertake some SEO.

Is SEO helpful for small businesses?

Small businesses need SEO even more so than a large business with huge advertising budgets that they can continually spend on PPC marketing. By undertaking a carefully targeted small scale SEO campaign a small business can see a much better ROI on their spend than large business with deep pockets.

What's more this increase in custom is scalable leading to exponential growth, even for those on the smallest of SEO budgets.

Isn't PPC better than SEO?

PPC will deliver instant results and in certain situations may be better for your business in the short term. We would however, always recommend running an SEO campaign alongside a PPC campaign otherwise you will find yourself back to square one once you stop your PPC advertising.

As a rule we would advise most businesses to invest in SEO over PPC for the maximum long term benefit but there is no harm in combining both if you have the budget to do so, especially if you need some immediate returns.

Can I do SEO myself?

Yes, the basics of SEO are not overly complicated. They can take time and there will be a learning curve at the start but anyone with sufficient time and internet knowhow can do SEO.

Is it the best use of your time? Probably not. We'd argue that you'd be better using your time on your business, closing sales and making money, and leave SEO to people like us.

Do you offer guaranteed SEO results?

Search engine rankings are volatile. We are confident about our knowledge and skills that we will get you onto page one but cannot guarantee it. We do guarantee to achieve the agreed KPIs over the course of our time working together.

What does an SEO company do?

An SEO company develops and implements a search engine optimisation strategy designed to increase visitors, achieve goals and drive business success.

The SEO team works to improve website visibility in search results to capture high quality leads using a variety of methods such as; creating a good user experience, developing engaging content for identified keywords, link building and potentially even web development.

Free SEO audit & consultation

Claim your free SEO audit & no obligation consultation today and find out how we can help you