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What is local SEO?

Local SEO is search engine optimisation that is geared up to meet the needs of locally-run businesses. In short, it focusses on building your online presence in certain localities.

For example, Manchester-based businesses would localise their SEO content so that Mancunians – or people just visiting the city – would be more likely to find them.

Of course, businesses that operate nationally and even internationally can localise their SEO, too, so that they continue to maintain a local presence online.

These days, Google tends to rank websites based on where a device is when it is used to search for something. As such, results can differ depending on where you are. It is not just regional or city-wide variations that occur either. Results may also differ down to which street you are on.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a high ranking and attract people to your website, you ought to be making use of professional local SEO services – exactly what we offer at SEO King.

The map pack

The Google map pack is the way you see locational results on a Google search results page. Rather than searching for a business or service with a Google Map, the map pack is inserted – kind of like a mini-map – somewhere near to the top of a results page.

You will notice there is a small window which can be zoomed in and out of with the geographical location of nearby businesses. Google usually displays a few local businesses on the mini-map with place markers and lists those it thinks match the search term and the device's location best.

One of the key aspects of local SEO services today is to ensure your business gets onto the Google map pack and, consequently, has a higher profile.

Near me searches

Near me searches come about when someone asks Google for a service, product or business near to them with the words 'near me' at the end of their search term. 'Swimming pool near me', 'car dealerships near me' or 'window cleaner near me' would all count as near me searches whether the term is typed into Google or spoken.

By building up your local SEO content online, you will be much more likely to come up on the search results page of anyone using a near me search.

So long as Google knows the location of the device being used - or where it is usually located, even if its geo-locational data is off – then local SEO will kick in when Google's algorithm works out how best to respond to the near me query that has been put to it.

Our local SEO services

At SEO King, we specialise in affordable SEO services and that includes our local SEO service. Our small team have spent years helping businesses like yours to achieve fantastic results from search engine queries.

Given that so many businesses are local and provide services within their locality, our local SEO service constitutes an incredibly efficient way of building up a more localised presence.

Even if you operate in more than one town, city or region, optimising your content for particular localities will mean you don't miss out to competitors when localised searches are made. Just look at the sort of ways we can improve your performance with local SEO.

Google My Business (GMB)

Firms that use Google My Business will be able to publicise their business address and have it appear when localised searches are made, for example, with Google Maps.

This is a highly visible way of promoting your business locally, especially when you also include things like business opening hours as a part of your Google Profile.

Local Reviews

Reviews that have been left for you by customers are always useful for promoting your business. When they are from verified accounts that are local to you – or your customers – then they will be an even more powerful tool in your local SEO strategy.

At SEO King, we'll leverage local reviews to improve your firm's presence online.


Becoming a more popular choice from search engine results pages will result in more traffic to your website which, in turn, leads to improved rankings down the line.

So long as you give your website's visitors a good reason to stay when they've landed on a localised landing page, for example, your company's popularity will only rise. That's why our approach is to provide relevant localised content.


When it comes to local SEO, proximity is a hugely influential factor. This deals with the proximity – how close someone is to a business address – of a web surfer rather than their general location.

If you have two outlets, one in North Manchester and one in South Manchester, for example, then proximity SEO will point the user to the right one depending on their current location, not simply because they are searching within Manchester.


Schema is a markup system that is used in website design. You don't have to understand the technicalities of how this will work in terms of local SEO because SEO King will take care of it for you.

Suffice to say that we can use the appropriate tags to work with the schema settings for Google, Yahoo and Bing.


In effect, citations mean any mention of your business online. At SEO King, we will leverage your firm's citations to help embed your website locally. There are various methods for achieving this including the promotion of citations that include localised terms.


Backlinks or link building forms the backbone of many SEO strategies. By getting more of them – especially those on high-ranking quality websites that search engines trust – you can improve your online presence no end.

In terms of local SEO, the strategy will be adapted to gain backlinks from reputable local websites, such as city blogs, local newspaper sites and regional information hubs.


Blogs, company descriptions and even product descriptions can all be adapted to provide a more local feel to a site. By mentioning your chosen keywords alongside local terms, your website will become higher ranked over time.

Remember that localised content needs to be added to and refreshed to keep your ranking high, however.

Local landing pages

If you operate in more than one area but want localised content for individual places, then local landing pages will provide what you are after.

At SEO King we can produce local landing pages based on different cities and towns or counties and metropolitan boroughs as you see fit. Local landing pages can even be leveraged for places you don't currently operate but would like to.

Benefits of local SEO from SEO King

Map pack listing

See your business featured in Google's map pack when people in your area search for the sort of products and services you offer.

Remember that map pack listings will also appear when someone outside of your area uses a local term in their search, such as 'mobile hairdressers in Manchester' even though the device they're using might currently be in London, Cardiff or Glasgow.

First page of Google search results

All firms, large and small, benefit greatly from being on the first page of any set of search engine results. Web surfers tend to enter a new search term if they can't see what they want on the first page.

At SEO King, our local SEO services will help to get you one the first page and high up on it, as well. Even if an associated term is used for the locality, such as 'Manchester' instead of your preferred term of 'Northern Quarter', for example, the approach is to get you high on the results page even if you don't appear in the map pack.

Easy review collection and management

One of the most important ways you can improve the SEO of your company website is to make use of reviews, customer citations and testimonials.

This helps Google's algorithm to understand your website as a genuine business with genuine customers. Once it has enough data to verify this, it will start to rank it higher.

From a local SEO vantage point, such reviews and customer commendations should ideally be collected and managed from local users, thereby enhancing your company's credentials as a local firm.

At SEO King, we'll work hard to build your local reputation through positive reviews and testimonials.

Increased business turnover

The bottom line with any SEO campaign is to see a healthy return on investment.

By positioning your business on a localised footing with local SEO, you will see more and more people taking an interest in your services and products. This increased footfall will also lead to an upturn in sales enquiries and, following that, augmented turnover, too.

At SEO King, we will come up with a local SEO strategy that will bear fruit in terms of improved turnover within a four-month period.

Monthly reporting

As a business owner or marketing manager, you will obviously want to study how well your local SEO campaign is working. Among the many plus points of turning to SEO King for your local SEO service is that we can provide you with custom reports.

This is very important from the point of view of business transparency since we believe that our clients should be able to review their data in any way they see fit. It will also help to establish what part of the local SEO strategy is working well and what ought to be tweaked or adapted further.

Don't worry that these reports will be overly technical, though because we make them easy to read and digest. The point about customising reports is so that you see the information most important to your business.

Agreed KPIs

We understand that every business is unique.

For this reason, our local SEO key performance indicators will necessarily be different for each of our clients. What is not different, however, is that KPI metrics should all be meaningful as well as measurable. We will work with you to come up with individually tailored KPIs that reflect the nature of your company and of your local SEO campaign.

Each month, we will offer you an in-depth analysis of KPI performance which you will be able to compare to the previous month and to the corresponding level of performance in the same month last year, something that is particularly useful for businesses that operate on a seasonal basis, for example.

Google My Business statistics

SEO King will keep track of how your Google profile works for you as a part of the localised approach being taken to SEO.

This means we will provide you with key statistics connected to Google My Business including, of course, the number of website visits you have gained through your profile.

Equally, we can track direction requests and phone calls that have come about through this service and provide you with the relevant statistical data.

Monthly website audit

No SEO campaign, whether it is a localised one or not, is worthy of the name if it is not constantly monitored. By adapting your website so that it meets the needs of a local SEO campaign, you will still want to make sure that it works for you and your clients.

That's why we carry out a website health check to confirm it is still loading properly, does not have any redundant links and that its keyword performance matches the SEO strategy's intention.

Our monthly auditing process will provide you with a full breakdown of any actions that are recommended or needed as well as those that have already been completed. As such, you will know that your website is always functioning as well as it can.

Keyword rankings

Targeted keywords are not everything when it comes to local SEO but they are an incredibly important part of what makes them work.

Not only will local SEO involve keywords that relate to products and services, such as 'taxi firm', 'dog grooming' or 'legal assistance' but they are also likely to contain some localised terms. 'City centre', 'Herefordshire' or 'Newcastle' might all fall into this category.

As such, the majority of our clients place a great emphasis on keyword performance with local SEO. At SEO King, we will make it clear how your website is performing with keyword rankings in our monthly reports.

Furthermore, we will show you how the keywords on your website perform within the top 100. This can be done with Google or any other chosen search engine.

Typical breakdowns of keyword rankings include how many appear in the first three ranked results on a search engine results page, how many are on the first page (even if they're not in the top three) and how many are in the top 100 but not on the first page of results.

In addition, we will highlight any other ranking results. These could include featured snippets or, in the case of local SEO particularly, Google map pack successes.

Google Analytics

Local SEO strategies can be improved upon and refined when judicious use of Google Analytics is made.

If you don't already use them, then we will set this up and start to provide data on what is driving visitor numbers to your site. This way, you will be able to see if a localised landing page is performing and drumming up business for your in a particular town or borough.

Equally, we can work out through Google Analytics whether a particular SEO campaign has delivered sufficient visitor numbers or not. This means we are able to quantify the value you are getting out of the service and to measure your goal achievement.

Bear in mind that in the context of local SEO, Google Analytics isn't just about increasing traffic volume but of improving value to the visitor experience. By reviewing visitor behaviour as a part of a wider localised SEO strategy, we can assess whether localised content is performing and what might need to be altered if it isn't.

Local SEO services FAQs

Why do I need local SEO?

More and more Google searches factor in locational data when results pages are being generated today. Both terms like 'near me' and the geo-locational data of mobile devices lead to greater localisation in search engine results pages nowadays. If your website doesn't have a local SEO strategy in place, then you are already losing out to competitors.

How do I find local SEO services?

At SEO King, we provide a comprehensive SEO service for businesses that want to localise their content and get more customers in whichever localities they operate in. We can offer you a local SEO service for Birmingham even if your firm is based in Sheffield and vice versa. In fact, you can localise and hyper-localise your content right down to neighbourhoods and even street level with us behind you.

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

Simply put, local SEO allows your website to perform better when searches are localised or when they're conducted on devices where the location is known. In short, this means local SEO works better than standard SEO for localised searches. Emphatically, local SEO doesn't replace conventional SEO, however. It adds to it.

How much should I pay for local SEO?

This depends on what you want. A big firm which wants local SEO for several major cities or regions will necessarily need to budget for more expenditure than a small enterprise that only operates within a mile or so of its base.

As a guide, SEO King would typically charge from in the region of £600 upwards a month for an SME that wanted local SEO to improve its web presence locally.

Free local SEO audit & consultation

Claim your free local SEO audit & no obligation consultation today and find out how we can help you