Salford Central Train Station

Though about 700,000 passengers use Salford Central train station annually, this number is sure to increase with Salford developing into a new hub for contemporary entertainment and culture and information point.

A Brief History of Salford Central Train Station

The train station was opened in 1838 and was initially named Salford Station. This name created quite a confusion due to the existence of the smaller Salford Crescent Station. As a solution, the station adopted the name Salford Central train station.

It has undergone several renovations, the first being the replacing of the pillars holding the station's roof. These iron pillars experienced rapid corrosion due to the sulphur from old trains passing through the station when the city enjoyed profits from the many cotton and silk factories.

More recent renovations include the installations of lifts and ramps to make it more accessible to all passengers.

Popular Destinations from Salford Central Train Station

Though the station offers few facilities, the rail services allow passengers to travel to several possible destinations and other stations in Manchester. Some of these destinations include Bolton, Peterborough, and Tottenham Court Road. Journeying to the Greater Manchester airport by train will take roughly 30 minutes.


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